Slouchy Hats, Long Distance Travel and Little Big Dogs!

by Heather on May 26, 2014

Of all the many, many knitted items I have designed and made, none has had more wear, by me of late, than my Thurlby Lane Beanie.

The yarn, (Malabrigo Worsted) is one of the softest and squidgiest wools I have ever had the pleasure to knit with. So good, I had to look at the label more than once to check that it wasn’t cashmere in disguise!

Here I am, on my birthday, last year, wearing my very first Thurlby Lane Beanie in the glorious colour, Frank Ochre. (Along with my Foxhill Wood Cardi from the same collection.)


My second Thurbly Lane Beanie was also knit in Frank Ochre and was given as a gift for my sister Julie, who modeled my Winter 13/14 collection, A Rural Idyll, so beautifully.

My third Thurbly Lane Beanie was knit in Marine and was a Christmas gift for the now ex-fella. He had loved mine and requested a navy blue one.

My fourth Thurlby Lane Beanie was for ME!!! I’m a HUGE fan of the colour red, I wear it often, and decided that my life wasn’t complete without a slouchy hat in Vermillion. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! See how happy this hat makes me :oD


On Thursday, I began my 1o hour journey from New Hampshire to JFK airport, to fly back home to little England.

I needed some travel knitting, something small and semi-mindless. What did I choose? My fifth Thurly Lane Beanie, of course!

The yarn, in a beautiful blue called, Tuareg, was my winding project while waiting in the cool, early morning air of Newburyport Bus Station – Oh, the glamour!


My first bus of the day arrived and I was ready to get knitting.


A change of buses, needle sizes, and stitch patterns, and I was in full swing as we drove through a rainy Massachusetts.


I even managed to bag the front seat!


I carried on knitting from Boston South Station to Port Authority in NYC, where I met up with a friend for a cup of tea and a chat. I hadn’t been in the city for quite some time, so I wanted to stay and hang out for a day or so, but I needed to catch my plane, so down into the subway I went with my luggage and my trusty knitting.

It was a late flight, so I was too tired to knit any more, but the bulk of my hat was done. I snuggled down to watch, The Wolf of Wall Street instead – very good, I might add. I wouldn’t mind seeing that again, on a bit bigger screen!

My lovely, aforementioned sister, picked me up from Heathrow airport to drive me to my parents’ house in Attenborough. In all my years of flying back and forth across the Atlantic, this was the first time I’d ever been picked up from the airport – it was a luxury I will not forget! We chit-chatted about this and that and ate a picnic lunch she had thoughtfully put together.

After what seemed like a couple of days of traveling, we arrived at my parents’ house, where we drank tea and I relayed my journey and handed out some (knitted) gifts.  Then it was nap time. I can’t sleep while traveling, so I’m always exhausted on arrival!

The following day, my Dad, other sister and I drove over to Julie’s house/farm, where we watched a football match between Derby (my Dad’s team) and QPR. Now, I’m not one for watching football, but it was an important match AND Julie has two new Great Dane puppies, so I went along for the ride, taking my almost finished hat with me, of course!

We game was pretty dull, (for me at least), Derby seemed to be the stronger team, but QPR scored the only goal of the match in the last minute, so my Dad wasn’t too happy and Derby didn’t get to be pushed up into the premier league. Oh well, there’s always next year, right?

All was not lost as….. I finished my hat and got to play with the dogs – YEAH!!!!


Trying to take a cell phone selfie with a Great Dane puppy is not the easiest thing I’ve ever tried to do!


Both me and my new hat were covered in dog saliva!


I gave in and took our photos separately!  My hair was in high pigtails, so the shape is a bit wonky.


Here are Maizie May, (the Border Terrier), and Maddy and Fern the rather large and very playful puppies :o)







Julie heard me laughing and came out to see what was happening.


I explained that I was trying to take my photo with the dogs, but gave up. She offered to take some photos of the four of us.


Lots more licking and cuddles!




We had a lot of fun between rain showers!


Thank you, Julie for your kindness and hospitality. Thank you for letting me play with your dogs!  I’ll be over again soon :oD

Thank you, Malabrigo for making such a wonderful yarn – I love it so much, I knitted five hats in it. I’m pretty sure that number will grow to six, maybe seven, maybe……

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Carina May 27, 2014 at 6:00 am

That’s a fabulous blog post / journal / photo album – thanks for sharing!

Jill May 29, 2014 at 1:06 pm

what a gorgeous house! looks like you’re having a blast. Miss you!!! xox0

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