Berry Pickin’

by Heather on October 10, 2012

My lovely, yarnie friend, Cal Patch, had emailed me to say that there were some really yummy, organic raspberries to be had at a local orchard I hadn’t heard about. I didn’t need telling twice as I love-love-love fresh raspberries! As soon as we could, the fella, Lucky and I wrapped up in our handknitted goodness and set off down to Westwind Orchard.

The blackberries looked good and plump but weren’t yet ready for picking.

The sky’s were threatening rain but we stayed warm and dry. I loved wearing my Pueblo Pullover and Tewa Scarf!

I picked a lot more raspberries than I have in this photo – they were sooooo good!

Lucky enjoyed running up and down the isles of berries and we played a good game of hide and seek.

We also bought 15lbs of Butternut Squash. I see a lot of delicious soups in our future!

After the berry picking we stopped off at Saunderskill Farms for a warm drink and a walk through their cornmaze.

It was a lot better than the cornmaze we visited last year, (which had been damaged by the hurricane) and was quite scary when we split up – I had to stop thinking about all the horror films I had watched featuring a chase through cornfields – yikes!

Yesterday, we needed to go grocery shopping and while out, stumbled upon a restaurant that sold cannoli. We had been craving cannoli for a couple of months, oh the power of suggestion, so we HAD to have one!  The restaurant had a German theme with the walls decorated in cockoo clocks. It wasn’t until we sat down to eat that I noticed our attire was little bit German in style – how fitting! (The fella was wearing his lovely Centaurus sweater with a kerchief I made using some unmarked grey yarn.)

The cannoli were good and now we can get on with our lives, craving satisfied.

Back to eating healthily and I’ll leave you with a shot of the amount of bananas we have to buy every few days. I just love ’em!

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