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by Heather on March 21, 2012

Last Thursday I packed up the car and headed North then East. With a large bottle of water, a bunch of red grapes and a bag of home-dehydrated fruits to keep me energized and the radio blaring to keep me entertained, I made it to Southeastern New Hampshire in a little over 4 hours.

It was wonderful to meet up with Valda, Chris & their 7yo daughter, Annabel again – I hadn’t visited them in almost a year.

Chris treated us to a delicious meal at The Blue Moon in Exeter. I decided to go for the raw option and it was lovely:

My raw dinner

I’m not 100% raw yet. When the temperature rises, I’ll try to be as raw as I can but the Winters, even the very mild Winter we just experienced, are still a little chilly to go without cooked food but I look forward to feeling I get from eating mostly raw – healthy, light and clean.

Annabel was wearing a cowl I had knitted for Valda as a hat – she rocked it!

Annabel looks great in hats

Even when they aren’t supposed to be hats!

On Friday Valda, Annabel and I drove down to Newburyport MA to meet up with Amy Small of Knit Collage, who was having a trunk show at A Loom With A View. It was great to see Amy again (and her gorgeous yarns). I dropped off my Andromeda, Magellanic and Omega samples to display with her yarn and in a flash everyone wanted to try them on – it’s so wonderful to see people get excited about my designs as I don’t often get to show them to “real people”!

Annabel looked so cute in a pair of Knit Collage earmuffs. (I nicked this photo from Amy’s Twitter feed!):

Annabel looking cute in Knit Collage earmuffs!

We then went on to Chris’s parents’ house in Beverly MA. Ida & Rolly have been so good to me since I first arrived in the US and I call them my American Parents. They are so kind and generous, I do consider them as part of my family and I am so lucky to have them in my life! We ate lunch and had a good catch up session before jumping on the train to Boston.

Boston is one of my favourite American cities and it’s been years since I visited. Our destination for the afternoon was the Museum of Fine Arts.  Annabel wanted to see the mummies so we headed in that direction.

I am always amazed at the creative skills people possessed so many thousands of years ago and wished I could jump back to see what in was really like to live in such a different world!

A beaded dress restrung and displayed for us to enjoy.

Tiny mummy figures

Beautifully painted coffins

Decorated coffins

The painted face is quite spooky but I love the feet!

I loved the wrapping technique on this one

Jumping from one extreme to the other, we then headed to the contemporary art section of the museum and was reminded that all art was contemporary at some point!

There were some amazing works to study and made me want to paint, sculpt and be more creative in other media if only I had the time! Valda & I could’ve spent several more hours in the museum but Annabel was dragging so we took a break in the cafe.

We all loved the apple green chairs and had fun taking photos of each other:

Annabel being a pea-in-a-pod!

Fun with an apple in an apple green chair!

A lovely space to enjoy a cup of tea.

The wall behind me was such a great backdrop for some photographic fun!

Valda in an A.

I couldn’t resist the bright yellow part of the wall!

It was such a fabulous contrast to show off my bright red Cromarty!

We had planned to go and rummage through second-hand clothes at The Garment District but we had run out of time – We’ll have to save that for my next visit!

It was back to Beverly where we picked up dinner from Wrapture, where I snapped a shot of this photograph:

Just a man sharing a kiss with a sheep!

(I had the Pad Thai.)

After Annabel had been tucked up in the Princess Bed, I got Valda going on finishing up her Pumpkin Pie. She had knitted the first cuff, her Mum knitted the rest whilst visiting last year and all she had to do was 4 rows of the bottom rib and bind off!  I worked a little bit on her Malachite, (also knitted by her Mum), while I watched to make sure she didn’t make any mistakes.

On Saturday we had a little photo shoot on the deck in her newly finished Pumpkin Pie!

Valda in her freshly finished Pumpkin Pie!

Just a single cable on the sleeves and omitted the dropped stitch details.

Rolly wanted to be in on the action!

A back view to show the beautiful sleeve drape (and Valda’s bum!)

After packing up the car again, we headed to Yarns In The Farms where Amy had another trunk show. Amy had been running that morning as she’s training for the Boston marathon next month. We gave her some chocolate oreo cupcakes that Ida had baked – she seemed very happy about that. I wonder if she ate all four herself? (They were very yummy!)

Amy in my Omega, Annabel snuggles some Knit Collage yarn & Valda in her Pumpkin Pie.

Some Knit Collage yarns on display

Yarns in the Farms is a wonderful shop with lovely people running it. I may go back and do an Army of Knitters trunk show – I’m quite excited to be going back and checking it out more thoroughly. We were there on St Patrick’s Day so there was a lot of green going on!

A few weeks ago I received an email with some photos of Laurie Hunt in her own Iona inside Yarn in the Farms:

Laurie Hunt in her Iona.

I was told Laurie’s Iona was knitted with Madeline Tosh yarn?

Laurie’s Iona – Back view.

Thank you, Laurie for sending me your photographs – I can’t wait to see what your knitting now!

If anyone wants to send me photographs of their AoK finished knits, I’d love to see them and feature them here on my blog.

Saying goodbye to Amy outside Yarn in the Farms.

Amy is now in London on part of a European trip – I wish I was going too!
Valda, Annabel & I then set off up the coast in search of some sunshine. We found it on a little beach near Rockport where we had another fun photoshoot:

Valda strikes a pose on the beach in her Pumpkin Pie.

Annabel wants to be a model too!

That’s a fine looking Pumpkin Pie!

Spinning on the beach in my Cromarty & Iona

The sun came out just at the right time!

My mate, Valda & me on the beach in our handknits.

Annabel suggested we all search for sea glass so we spent the next few minutes strolling along the shore picking up pieces of broken, worn down, glass. I even found a piece of crystal and we planned to make some jewellery with our beachcoming finds.

The next stop was Rockport where I picked up a pressie for someone who I need to make a package for:

Can you guess what I have in my hands?

Valda got me to pose for one last shot by the water:

Windswept in Rockport MA.

Then is was back to New Hampshire and an evening playing with seaglass, wire, jump rings and a glue gun! I managed to make 4 green glass pendants on St Patricks day!  I even had a glass of Chris’s home-brewed stout – yum!

The long weekend was over way too quickly and I was back on the road headed to my Catskills home once more but happy that we had enjoyed such a fun weekend. Thank you for having me, Valda, Chris, Annabel, Ida & Rolly, I hope to return soon!

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gyorgyi March 21, 2012 at 11:38 am

Oh, so happy to see all these lovely pix and to know that you’ve passed a great time!
Thank you so much sharing.

Carol March 26, 2012 at 4:23 pm

Lovely to see the beautiful people in the beautiful photos!
Pumpkin Pie looks delightful so pleased to see it finished!
love Carol

Shirley July 11, 2012 at 10:05 am

Yummy! I just had a piece of salt water taffy 😀

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