A FAB weekend!

by Heather on March 5, 2012

I love it when Mindy comes to visit us for the weekend.  Although we spend most of the time working on Clotheshorse business, we still manage to squeeze in some fun things too.  It’s also nice to have another woman in the house to be “girly” with!

On Saturday we took a drive over the Hudson River to Tivoli, the home of Fabulous Yarns. Fab Yarns is one of my very favorite yarn stores as all the yarn in the shop is drop-dead-gorgeous, a treasure trove of all things woolly. It’s also great to chat face to face with Fab Judy and Mary Pat.

As Mindy was wearing her wonderfully snugly Parfait Tunic, I asked her if it would be OK to take some photos of her to show you all. She didn’t mind one bit!

Mindy outside Fabulous Yarns in Tivoli

The snow had began to melt and I noticed it looked sunny in the shop’s back yard so Judy allowed us to go into her garden where there was a lovely backdrop against which to take some more photos.

I gave Mindy a couple of posing lessons and we had a laugh taking these shots:

Mindy looking gorgeous in her Parfait Tunic

A close-up of Mindy’s Parfait Tunic

A cheeky, over-the-shoulder shot

I was even brave enough to step into the spotlight to show off my Tay top and Spey skirt from my Highland collection:

Guess which colours I like?

A tiny mouse friend came out into the sunshine to say, “Hello”. He was so cute as he jumped around on the sun-dappled lawn:

A cute little mouse friend!

It was so nice to get out into the sunshine and fondle new yarn. We both came away with some skeins of gorgeousness that will be used for Fall 2012 Army of Knitters and Clotheshorse collections – we are excited about all the new things to show you soon. Keep tuned in for more updates!

Snogs, Heather & Mindy xxxx

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gyorgyi March 5, 2012 at 9:41 am

I am very happy to see pix and to know you had an excellent (working) WE. Parfait tunic and Spay&Tay, you look both lovely!!!! Snogs from gray and rainy PAris.

Susanne Østergaard March 5, 2012 at 11:31 am

What a wonderful model, Mindy could do the next photo shoots for your new collection. When I have the luck to visit NY I have to go to Faboulus Yarns bringing lots of money, for sure.

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