My Mountain Hats

by Heather on February 11, 2014

In the middle of last year, I was invited to join in a competition, “My Mountain”, to design a hat out of some new yarn. I designed and knitted 3 hats – I couldn’t help myself! You may remember my hats from a little video I made, featuring them: On the floor with Heather – My Mountain Hats

Well, time passed and one of my hats, Mountain High, made it to the final. The other two hats languished in my stash, (being worn, now and again), waiting to be photographed.

Lil’ Fixie Cap – Buy Now $5

Using Schachenmayr Lova, this hat was inspired by the racing caps favoured by fans of fixed-wheel
bicycles, or “fixies”. I love the snug fit and little peak, it’s the favourite of my 3 hats and I wear it often.


Last week, Annabel expressed a desire to model some of my samples, so as soon as the weekend arrived, she bundled herself up in snow gear and I reached for my camera.  It was a beautifully sunny Saturday, so sunny that it was difficult not to squint!





Chelsea got into the spirit too!





Electric Nesmith Beanie – Buy Now $5

I needed an over-sized beanie! It had to be orange and pink and it had to have a giant pompom! I used 2 colours of Schachenmayr Lumio. When rolling up the brim, I noticed a similarity between my hat and the one worn by my favourite member of The Monkees – Mike Nesmith.
The unique quality this yarn possesses, is a reflective fibre included in the spinning process which makes this
an ideal hat for being noticed during the day and night!





Valda wears Electric Nesmith, Annabel wears Lil Fixie, while Chelsea wants to have fun in the snow!



Thanks Annabel & Valda – you were FABULOUS models.

Keep warm, have fun!

Lots of SNOGS,

H xxxx


A Rural Idyll

by Heather on January 27, 2014

Whoah, what a ride the past few months have been! I shall let you in on the details soon, for now, a glimpse into the latest Army of Knitters collection.

After a FABULOUS few days in Reykjavik, Iceland, visiting my AMAZING friend, Ragga, I journeyed on to my parents’ house, for an extended stay.

My octogenarian Dad outside the family dwelling

I hadn’t seen most of my family in over three years so it was a well needed and wonderful visit.

Gallons of tea were consumed
Butter melting into a hot crumpet – what a wonderful sight!

During my English excursion, I drank a lot of tea, ate far too many cakes and biscuits and managed to finish my Winter 2013/14 collection, A Rural Idyll.

For this collection, I teamed up with one of my favourite yarn companies, Malabrigo to create warm and cozy knits to snuggle up in all Winter long.

I coaxed my sister, Julie into modelling for me. A little bit reluctant at first, due to her age and limited experience, I managed to make her feel comfortable in front of the camera and she very much enjoyed the morning, wearing warm, soft knits and being directed by her little sister.

Early morning on the farm

I drove over to the farm where Julie, her partner, Mark and their daughter, Kate live. Acres and acres of flat, frost-covered earth greeted me for an early start. Julie made us hot bowls of porridge drizzled with honey to help keep out the chills, then I played make-up artist before starting the shoot.

Trudging through the mud, dressed in fabulous knits

Julie suggested a tree-lined footpath, where she walks the dogs, for our first location. Sunlight peeping through the trees made it all the more beautiful.

MILL HILL SPINNEY DRESS - Malabrigo Silky Merino.

With its round yoke, A-line shape, and wide, ¾ length sleeves, this is a beautiful 3-season dress that will look good by itself or layered over leggings and a long sleeved top. The yarn provides wonderful drape and shows off the cables, which start out smaller at the neck then grow in width and length to compliment the dress’s shape. Dress it up with an over-sized cowl or your favourite jewellery, you’ll want to wear this dress time and time again!

MillhillSpinney1_web-350x500 OldBlackberryWood4_web-350x500 OldBlackberryWood3_web-350x500 MillhillSpinney4_web-350x500 MillhillSpinney3_web-350x500 MillhillSpinney2_web-350x500

$8   Buy Now



Super quick to knit and wonderfully cozy to wear, this beret would make the perfect gift for your stylish friends.
Worked from the bottom up and in the round, you can easily make one in an evening!

OldBlackberryWood1_web-350x500 OldBlackberryWood3_web-350x500 OldBlackberryWood2_web-350x500

 $5   Buy Now


SHEEP SPINNEY COWL - Malabrigo Rasta.

Snuggle up in the warmth and comfort of this beautifully soft cowl. Quick to knit in a simple, textural lace stitch,
it is worked in the round and seamless. Can be worn in several different ways and looks fabulous!

SheepSpinney1_web-350x500 SheepSpinney4_web-350x500 SheepSpinney3_web-350x500 SheepSpinney2_web-350x500

 $5   Buy Now


WYNNSTAY WOOD SKIRT – Malabrigo Rastita.

Keep warm this Winter in a dramatically full skirt which moves beautifully as you walk, flatters the figure with its elasticated waist, cables – which get wider as it’s knitted and faux pleats. The simple to remember stitch pattern is perfect for cozy evenings. Looks great in solid colours as well as variegated yarns.

WynnstayWood5_web-350x500 WynnstayWood4_web-350x500 WynnstayWood3_web-350x500 WynnstayWood2_web-350x500 WynnstayWood1_web-350x500

 $7   Buy Now


FOXHILL WOOD CARDI – Malabrigo Worsted.

A rather unique construction, this pattern starts at the centre back to form the curved yoke. Completely
seamless, the cardi is fun to knit and so cozy to wear. The half-fisherman’s rib stitch offers maximum warmth for the
back and sleeves, while the front is worked in stockinette stitch and gently sloping cables. The back incorporates
short rows for a flattering curve to the bottom edge. Finished with a 2-way zip, this will become your favourite sweater!

FoxhillWood6_web-350x500 FoxhillWood5_web-350x500 FoxhillWood4_web-350x500 FoxhillWood3_web-350x500 FoxhillWood2_web-350x500 FoxhillWood1_web-350x500 AoK Winter 13/14 Collection Cardi - Back

 $9   Buy Now


THURLBY LANE BEANIE – Malabrigo Worsted.

This yarn is so gorgeously soft and the colour incredible that I couldn’t let a skein left over from my Foxhill Wood
Cardi just languish in my stash – it had to become a slouchy-beanie! Easy to memorize, the Half Fisherman’s
Rib stitch creates a warm fabric with excellent elasticity – perfect for this very wearable hat.

ThurlbyLane4_web-350x500 ThurlbyLane3_web-350x500 ThurlbyLane2_web-350x500 ThurlbyLane1_web-350x500

$5   Buy Now


Thank you, Julie for being such an excellent model!  I might have you model some more knits for me when I return to England in May!

Thank you to Mumble Trimbles for helping me choose the title for this collection – you’re a star!

I’m back in the United States now, enjoying the freezing cold temperatures and blue skies. I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing the pieces from this latest collection, I know that I LOVE them!

Stay warm.

Until next time, big snogs,

H xxxx

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Where is our little Heather?

by Heather on November 12, 2013

I know, I know..I haven’t blogged in a ridiculously long time, I should be arrested for lack of content!

After over three years of not being able to leave the US, (or rather, not being able to re-enter the US if I did leave), I am finally at home-home and reunited with my lovely parents!

Much to say, much to do, but for now I’ll leave you with a photo of me taken by Mumble Trimbles:

Me in Olivebridge Cardi and Huckleberry Point Scarf AoK 2013

Here I am looking very snuggley in my OLIVEBRIDGE CARDI & one of my 3 HUCKLEBERRY POINT SCARVES. We were on our way to take my Dad to a stroke group. He had a nice time, mixing with others who have had strokes, chatting and drinking tea. The church hall where the group is held isn’t easy for my parents to get to, as they don’t drive any more, so I’m trying to get them out and about. Thanks to my sister who lent me her farm’s spare vehicle, I’m able to play chauffeur during my visit.

Well, it’s about bedtime here at Dixon Towers, so I’ll bid you all sweet dreams and hope to write a bit more about my travels soon.
Nighty, night,
H xxxx


My Mountain Hats

September 5, 2013

A little video I made yesterday about My Mountain Hats. It’s much colder today – I might need to wear one! My Mountain Hats Have a great weekend! H xxxx Tweet

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My first Vlog!

August 29, 2013

Here’s a little video I made this afternoon: From the porch Tweet

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